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PURPOSE: To evaluate the status of articular cartilage and bone in an equine model of spontaneous repair by using the sweep imaging with Fourier transform (SWIFT) magnetic resonance (MR) imaging technique.MATERIALS AND METHODS: Experiments were approved by the Utrecht University Animal Ethics Committee. Six-millimeter-diameter chondral (n = 5) and osteochondral (n = 5, 3-4 mm deep into subchondral bone) defects were created in the intercarpal joints of seven 2-year-old horses and examined with SWIFT at 9.4 T after spontaneous healing for 12 months. Conventional T2 maps and gradient-echo images were obtained for comparison, and histologic assessment of cartilage and micro-computed tomography (CT) of bone were performed for reference. Further, we also demonstrate darkfield imaging of non-fluorescent specimen using the same interface, where this time the scattered light from the objects is detected without the use of any filters. The capability of imaging a wide FOV would be exceedingly important to probe large sample volumes (e.g., >0.1 mL) of e.g., blood, urine, sputum or water, and for this end we also demonstrate fluorescent imaging of labeled white-blood cells from whole blood samples, as well as water-borne pathogenic protozoan parasites such as Giardia Lamblia cysts. Weighing only ∼28 g (∼1 ounce), this compact and cost-effective fluorescent imaging Air Jordan Shoes platform attached to a cell-phone could be quite useful especially for resource-limited settings, and might provide an important tool for wide-field imaging and quantification of various lab-on-a-chip assays developed for global health applications, such as monitoring of HIV+ patients for CD4 counts or viral load measurements.. Results suggest that the wider economic implications of health-related emergencies can be significant and need to be considered in preparedness planning. For instance, more effective surveillance and data gathering would enable policy to target emergency funding to the sectors and regions hardest hit. These results also stress the importance of being familiar with trade networks so as to be able to anticipate the international response Nike Heels Sneakers and respond accordingly.Copyright © 2012 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.. In Experiment 1, animals were either assigned to WR during PD30 to 42 or socially housed (SH). On PD42, animals were injected with bromodeoxyuridine (BrdU; 200 mg/kg) and perfused 2 hours later to confirm the WR-induced stimulation of proliferation. In Experiment 2, all animals received WR on PD30 to 42 and were injected with BrdU on the last full day of WR.  

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